Professional Sports figures from Monroe

There have been many Ouachita Parish men who have become professional athletes over the years. The following is a listing of the known professional athletes from Ouachita Parish:

1930’s & 40’s-August Saunders, Kansas City Monarchs

1950’s-Mac Hall, Brooklyn Dodgers (Monroe Colored High); Mackie Freeze, Brooklyn Dodgers, (Myles High School); Candy Robinson, Boston White Socks (Richwood).

1960’s-Jamie Caleb, Cleveland Browns (Carroll); Lane Howell, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants (Carroll); Mike Howell, Cleveland Browns, (Carroll); Goldie Sellers, Kansas City Chiefs, played in Super Bowl, (Richwood); Louis “Big Shot” Jackson, Chicago Cubs (Carroll).

1970’s-Delles Howell, New York Jets and New Orleans Saints (Carroll); Mike Smith, Birmingham Stallions (Richwood); Charles Smith, Philadelphia Eagles, played in Super Bowl, (Richwood); Matthew Reed, Canadian League (Richwood); Sylvester Moy, Birmingham Sallions, USFL, (Carroll); Matthew Williams, III, Chicago Winds, USFL, (Carroll); Don Zimmerman, Green Bay Packers (Richwood); Sammy White, Minnesota Vikings, (Richwood); James “Shack” Harris, first Black Quarterback in the NFL, L.A. Rams, and San Diego Chargers (Carroll); Theodis Lee, Harlem Globetrotters (Carroll); Solomon Freelon, Houston Oilers, (Carroll); Billy Joe Dupree, Dallas Cowboys (Richardson); Larry Wright, Washington Bullets (Richwood); Joe Profit, Atlanta Falcons (Richwood); Larry Anderson, three Super Bowl rings, (Neville/Wossman); Lee Fobbs, Detroit Wheels, USFL, (Carroll).

1980’s-Benoit Benjamin, L.A. Clippers, SuperSonics, New Jersey Nets.(Carroll); Andre Young, San Diego Chargers; Ronnie Washington, Atlanta Falcons (Richwood); Odessa Turner, New York Giants (Wossman); Toby Caston, Detroit Lions (Neville); Jackie Walker, New York Jets (Carroll)