George Palmer owned a "Filling Station" on Renwick in 1967. He was married to Ellen Hills and they raised twelve children. (Carolyn Hills, Evelyn Winters, Savannah, David, Georgia, George, Jr. III, Arthur, Donald, James, Timorhy, Anthony and EMiley Palmer). In 1969, George sold his gas station and moved his family to Oakland, CA, staying with sister! Alice until they rented 1 and then both sides of a duplex on 33rd street. They lived and thrived there. Ellen became a Teacher's Assistant and then Educational Computer Learning Instructor for the school district and George, always the entrepreneur, started Palmer and Sons Hauling Service and transitioned into carpet layer by trade. His family remained in the church, forming a singing group called the Holy Messengers. George and Ellen remaimed in love with each other's until his death, resulting from an Asthma related heart attack at the age of 55. Ellen lost her life to a heart attack, while driving and collided with a bus, just a few years later.