Henrietta Windham Johnson
Henrietta Windham Johnson

A Recreation Center is Named After Her!

Henrietta Windham Johnson was born in Rayville Louisiana on November 15, 1876.

She attended the Wisner School when Professor Frank Barrington was principal. At fourteen she finished and spent a term at Leland University in New Orleans. while still a student she earned a teaching certificate and worked her way through Leland. She graduated with honors in 1895. She was hired as teacher at the Wisner school. In 1901 she married Arthur Herbert Johnson, then principal of the Wisner School. She assisted him in getting his medical degree and setting up his practice in Monroe until his death in 1928. The couple had three children, Arthur Herbert Johnson, Jr., Foraker Windham Johnson and Henrianna Carolyn Johnson.

She taught in the public schools for 53 years and worked to develop choral groups throughout the area. In 1939 she worked to set up a NYA school for girls which gave employment to over 200 girls out of work and later set a similar school for boys.

She erected a concrete building on 10th Street where she opened a school to train youth in the skills of tailoring, leather crafting, show repairs and other vocational skills.

A great church worker, she served as president of the Women’s Department of the Zion Traveler Baptist Church where she worked as pianist, treasurer and B.T.U. Director.

She was also the president of the board of directors of the 10th District Baptist Association’s Women’s Department. A recreation center was dedicated to her Memory in 1962 by the City of Monroe.