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Dr. S. D. Hill

Sullivan Donaldson Hill

He was a well known medical doctor

Sullivan Donaldson Hill was a medical doctor in the Monroe community who practiced for 63 years until his death on May 16, 1985 at the age of 91. Despite his advancing years he made regular house calls to his patients and visited infirmed patients in the nursing homes. At a time when Black doctors were not respected by whites, he was recognized by his peers, not as a Black doctor but as "Dr. Hill."

Gaining that respect was not an easy task, for Black doctors of Hill’s generation did not have prestigious degrees from LSU or Harvard Medical. Most were graduates of Meharry Medic
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A virtual Who's Who was in attendance at his funeral in 1985

al College which still churns out many of America’s Black Doctors today. To gain the respect of white doctors Dr. Hill had to practice medicine and do it well...and he did. Dr. Hill made his rounds in wagons and old cars and greeting his patients who marched up the creaking stairs of the Miller-Roy Building on Desiard to greet a smiling, good looking young doctor whose family history and upbringing meant they could expect good service.

Dr. Hill, born in 1894, was the son of the locally famous preacher Rev. W.W. Hill, who pastored Zion Traveler Baptist Church for 34 years. For many years “Doc” drove countless miles to visit patients knowing full well that the only pay he would receive would be staple goods, bunches of greens, chickens and eggs. Times were tough for Blacks then, money was not readily available, but medical services were needed. Blacks who went to white doctors had to suffer the humiliation of sitting in the “Colored” waiting room and almost never received the same treatment as others.

Along with the dedication to the medical field where he worked as a physician in his medical clinic, and was on the staff at Saint Francis and Glenwood Medical Centers, his devotion, also, extended to the church where he was Chairman of the Deacon Board at Triumph Baptist Church where his father was a greatly useful and distinguished Christian citizen, founder and first pastor.