The Reverend W.W. Hill

He was a State and National Church Leader

The Reverend Warner Washington (W.W.) Hill, Jr. was pastor of the Zion Traveler’s Baptist Church for over three decades, founder of the Triumph Baptist Church, vice-president of the National Baptist Convention and the first president of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention (Boyd Convention).

The Baptist community in Louisiana were divided when the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc. split over internal issues. Louisiana Baptists, concerned about the future of Baptists in Louisiana also split and formed a separate state convention in 1917.

The first president of the this new Baptist convention was one of Louisiana’s most prolific preachers and pastors, the Reverend W..W. Hill. The Reverend Hill was born March 10, 1870 at Gilbert Louisiana.

He was a generally unlettered young preacher when he became pastor of the large and prominent Zion Traveler Baptist Church in Monroe. However, he enrolled in the District high school and studied for seven years until he became proficient in Latin, Ancient History, Rhetoric and other areas. He became known as one of great pulpiteers of the Baptist community.

The Reverend Hill proved to be a great organizer, thinker and pulpiteer during his preaching and nearly 40 year pastoring career.