George B. Hamlet

He was the first Black Mayor of Monroe

George B. Hamlet served as mayor of Monroe in 1874. He also served a term as Sheriff of Ouachita Parish and the Recorder of Court. After serving his term, he fled Monroe and went to New Orleans fearful of being killed by whites in the parish. Hamlet served a term in the Louisiana Legislature. He was a native of Ohio and was a scholar of sorts.

In 1876 he testified before Congress about violence that occurred while he served as sheriff of the parish.

George Hamlet was the first African American to have been appointed Chief Postal Inspector. He was appointed on August 3, 1897. There was controversy over his service and he was removed from office a year later, only to be reappointed in 1901 and transferred to the treasury department of the United States.

George B. Hamlet was appointed Chief Postal Inspector, and John P. Green was appointed Postage Stamp Agent.(18) Hamlet had worked for the Postal Department prior to the appointment. He had served as a postal inspector, and as Inspector-in-Chief of the Washington Division. As Chief Postal Inspector, he earned a salary of $3,000 a year. The practice of appointing African Americans to postmasterships, especially in the South, came to an end during William H. Taft’s presidency (1909-1913).