Verdiacee Hampton Goston

Goston, Verdiacee 2008.jpg
She Founded The Town of Richwood

Verdiacee Hampton Goston founded of the Town of Richwood, along with her husband, John. She served as the townÂ’s first mayor despite opposition from elements that did not believe a town was possible. She was defeated on a re-election bid, waited out a term and then won a second term as mayor. Upon winning re-election, she declared a state of emergency in the town and set out to acq
uire federal sewerage and other projects.

But her abrasive style caused friction with her board of Aldermen which fought to gain control. Her problems were complicated further when she was investigated for mishandling the towns funds and ultimately indicted by a local grand jury. Although she denied all her accusers and charged them with a political plot to take over and destroy Richwood, she lost a bid for a third term. She was never tried on the charges despite repeated demands for a trial to clear her name.