Mary F. Goins
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Mary F. Goins

She was a tough school principal

Mary F. Goins served as principal of Richwood High School for 28 years. She was born in the Richwood community and was educated at Richwood Elementary School, Monroe Colored High School, Leland College and Southern University. She completed her graduate school work at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.

She was married to Nimrod Goins for 46 years. Her Professional career began in 1930 at the St. James School on the Old Columbia Road and then she was promoted to the Cuba Elementary School in Bosco, La. where she served as a teacher and then principal for nine years. In 1940 she transferred to Richwood High School as a teacher of science and principal. She served as Richwood'’s principal for 28 years. She also served as principal of Robinson Elementary School that was named after her father Solomon Lee Robinson, for three years.

In 1959 she organized the National Association of University Women’s local chapter and served as its president for three years. Now retired she serves as a member of the Mayors Commission on the Needs of Women and participates in many community improvement projects.