Black Writers, Poets, Novelists, Essayists, Musicians

McHenry, Dr. James O.
"The Indigenous People of Monroe, Louisiana and the surrounding cities and towns and villages-A 100 year documentary-(2010) A collection of persons experiences of African-Americans in the vicinity of Monroe, La. in their own words, detailing their struggle to survive, achieve and succeed in Northeast Louisiana. Previews and Orders.

Robinson, Emily P.
"Blacks in the Deep South." A disguised biography of her life as a dark skinned woman struggling for an education at Southern University. (Book out of Print)

"Ballard of Monroe" -An audio recording adopted by the Monroe City Council in the 1960's as the official song of the City of Monroe. One copy exists in the Carver Branch Library in Monroe, La.

Wilkerson, Isabel
"The Warmth of Other Suns" -(2010) Wilkerson, is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer who details the migration of professional blacks from the South to California in the 1960's. While Wilkerson is not from Monroe, her historic fiction describes African-American life in Monroe in the mid 50's with detail and clarity. She also details the decision of one of the legendary Foster Family members to break with the family and begin a medical practice in California. Previews and Orders.

Wright, Roosevelt, Jr.
"The Children of Pantherburn" - (2009) Historic Fiction that tracks the journey of a several blacks who left a former slave plantation in Pantherburn, Mississippi to make their futures as in business and service as Pullman Porters. One came to Monroe, La. and began a life of commerce. Previews and Orders. Book Video Trailer.