The Beouf River Bayou Macon and Ouachita Baptist Association was formed in 1899 during a meeting of church leaders at the Cuba Baptist Church. It’s official name marked the boundaries of member churches: The Beouf River, Bayou Macon and Ouachita Parish Association (BB & O).

It was an outgrowth of the larger 10th District Baptist Association. Its first president was The Reverend C.H. Hill. Other Presidents have included: The Reverend Joe Newman, The Reverend P.C. Keal, The Reverend W.D. Collins, Roosevelt Wright, Jr., The Reverend Stonewall Hunter, and The Reverend Clarence R. Jackson. The B.B. and O under the leadership of Moderator Newman purchased 40 acres of land in Delhi, operated a printing shop and purchased 20 acres of land in Monroe for the purpose of building an auditorium.

Since 1956 the idea of building a building on the land on Richwood Road has been discussed but never acted upon and remains an elusive idea for the Association. Succeeding presidents spent most of their tenure attempting to get the project done.

In 1984 under the leadership of Moderator Wright, the Association established a fire fund to assist victims of fires, scholarship assistance for each association church, and grant assistance to community service groups. The B.B. and O. took the lead in forming the Tri-District Fellowship, composed of the three local associations supporting the Twin City Community Welfare, and in 1987, under Moderator Wright urged the three groups to meet in a joint session. During his administration the 10th District and BB and O. held a great joint session at the St. James Baptist Church. Moderator Hunter’s term (1988-89) was aborted by a train accident which took his life, but he revived the idea of constructing a building on the Richwood land.

For several years that idea has been promoted without much success by Moderator Jackson. Under Moderator Jackson the Association continued its charitable assistance to the poor, fire fund, and scholarships. Several thousands of dollars are donated each year to charitable causes and the Associations level of giving in the state convention has increased.