Allen Chapel A.M.E.**[1]**
510 N. 11th Street
Monroe, La.

Parent: None
Founder: None (Richard Allen, Nationally)
Year: 1908**[2]**
Longest Pastorate: W.K. Marshall (10 years 1920-1930)
Number of Pastors 1908-2005: 25**[3]**

The first African Methodist Episcopal Church was established in 1794 in Philadelphia by Richard Allen who was born a slave. He worked and saved his money and bought his freedom in 1777. At first, he attended the services with the white congregation but became dissatisfied with the restraint that was placed upon blacks. This caused the blacks to separate from the white congregation. As time passed, this separation movement continued to the South.
The first African Methodist Episcopal Church organized in the Ouachita parish was located in the vicinity of Desiard and Vicksburg Streets, near where the Zion Traveler Baptist Church on Eleventh Street stood in 2005. It was named Allen Chapel after the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Richard Allen. This building was destroyed by a hail storm in the first part of the nineteenth century.

In 1910, a frame building was built at a site on Pine and Eleventh Street by these trustees: A.T. Alexander, T. Smith, W.W. Smith, J.W.H. Percill, James Young,
Boyd, Rev. R.S..jpg
Rev. R.S. Boyd

James Brook, E.E. Matthews (Pastor), and A. Thomas (Presiding Elder).

In 1929 the church began plans to build a new building. On September 30, 1929 church leaders filed Articles of Incorporation for the church under the name “Allen African Methodist-Episcopal Church, Inc.” Formal articles were officially recognized by the state on October 3, 1929.[4] An annexed copy was filed on December 20, 1978.[5]
A new building was erected in the same spot in 1930 under the leadership of the following trustees: J.H. Dawkins, R.O. Pierce, A.M. Mackel, E.D. Mosley, N. Reed, G.A. McQuilster, L. Lowe, W. Marshall, N.L. Lunzy (Pastor), and A. Pullen (Presiding Elder). In 2014 it was a modern brick edifice. There are two other churches in Ouachita that have membership in the North Louisiana Annual Conference of the Eighth Episcopal District.Pastors: The Reverend E. E. Matthew (1910); The Reverend Dennis Miles, The Reverend John Jackson, The Reverend King, The Reverend Jerry Brown, The Reverend D.C. Lawson, The Reverend Hutchinson, and The Reverend W.K. Marshall (Built Present Church (1920); The Reverend Piles (1930); The Reverend Lumzy (1930); The Reverend Contella G. Borroum (1930), The Reverend Howard (1936); The Reverend E.D. Wilson (1938-1944 – Paid out Church); The Reverend S.L. Jones (1944-1949- Purchased Pews for Church); The Reverend Gordan W. Shipp (1949-1953); The Reverend G.T. Strinson (1953-Presiding Elder, The Reverend Charles L. Mabry (1954-1958), The Reverend W.L. Debro (1958-1960); The Reverend Dison, The Reverend T.W. Gaines, The Reverend L.V. Blunt (Purchased lot next door to church including paying off a lot purchased earlier); The Reverend Jasper Scott, Sr. (1977-1980) converted old parsonage to a fellowship Hall; purchased property on South 12th Street (Day Care Center); purchased Dodge Van, re-roofed church); The Reverend Earl A. James (1980-1985); The Reverend Jerry James (1997-1998); The Reverend Robert S. Boyd 1998-1999; The Reverend Willie B. Johnson (1999-2006). Under his leadership a van was purchased and a fellowship hall was built); The Reverend Cynthia Harris (2006-2010) and The Reverend Richard Starks -2010-2013.[6]

[1] History Notes and Roster of Pastors For Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Provided by the Allen Chapel A.M.E. October 2004.
[2] The exact year of the church’s founding is not indicated in its official history. The year 1908 is an estimate.
[3] Pastors in the African Methodist Episcopal Church serve at the pleasure of the Bishop of their district. Unlike non-episcopal congregations who usually select pastors of their choosing.
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